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By uniting to raise local, national and international awareness, we move closer to bringing epilepsy and SUDEP out of the shadows to help save lives. Thank you for your support and all you can do to help raise awareness wherever you are in the world.

Some ideas for how you can get involved in raising awareness can be found below. You may also find extra ideas on your local organisation’s website. You can find a list of those supporting the day here.

Top 4 things you can do

  1. Unite with the epilepsy community: Support the online campaign:

    • Share the campaign key messages, infographics & posters. Could you take a picture holding them?
    • Share images of how you are uniting behind the day to raise awareness of SUDEP & epilepsy risks.

    Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags!

  2. Add to our united voice: Help create change by sharing your experiences with us:

    • Via the online campaign
    • Through local & national communications
    • By contributing to an epilepsy deaths registry they can complete?
  • Anyone linked to an epilepsy death can share vital information to shape future research.
  1. Spot opportunities: To raise local awareness; can you share the campaign resources, do a talk or hold a stall? Consider:

    • Notice boards, newsletters, free local papers, shop windows.
    • Schools, Colleges & Universities or local groups such as: Service or Sports Clubs, who may be looking for charities or organisations to support.
    • Local events: village fetes, carnivals, sport events or annual meet-ups such as Christmas markets
  2. Tell someone about SUDEP: Using a one-minute speech about your story & why SUDEP awareness is important, to instantly raise awareness & unite people to our cause.

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