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By uniting to raise local, national and international awareness, we move closer to bringing epilepsy and SUDEP out of the shadows to help save lives. Thank you for your support and all you do to help raise awareness both within your profession and with your patients.

Pushed for time? Why not display the SUDEP Awareness Day resources in your clinic, waiting area or consultation room? We know some of you also use social media, could you share the campaign messages before, during and after the day?

Small steps you can take could truly help to reduce epilepsy risks with your patients and even potentially save lives.

Some ideas for how you can help in raising awareness and steps you could take within your care for people with epilepsy can be found below.

You may also find extra ideas on your local organisation’s website. You can find a list of those supporting the day here.

Top 5 things you can do

  1. Have the SUDEP conversation with all your patients with epilepsy. Be aware of patients with epilepsy;

    • Not attending appointments or medical reviews.
    • Not picking up prescriptions.
    • Experiencing changes to their epilepsy, mood or lifestyle.
  2. Signpost to Epilepsy Organisations: for information on how people with epilepsy can reduce risks and manage their epilepsy to keep themselves safer.

    • Often the leaflets are free & are specific for professionals too!
  3. Support families & professionals affected by SUDEP: If you hear of an epilepsy death in your department / organisation, signpost the family & you colleagues involved to specialist epilepsy bereavement services.

    a. Is there a deaths registry they can complete? Anyone linked to an epilepsy death can share information that can help inform future research.

  1. Promote best practice: Consider using available endorsed resources as part your clinical practice to help discuss and monitor rising risks & any in your patients’ condition, in order to:

    1. Promote positive, routine discussion of risk, to empower patients’ self-management
  2. Lead a united front: To demonstrate consistent & postive epilepsy care in your organisation;

    1. Share the campaign materials with your colleagues.
    2. Create an epilepsy information board: include key facts about SUDEP & Epilepsy - signpost to epilepsy organisations.
    3. Are there training resources to help extend your knowledge? Could you hold a staff training day on the topic? Many epilepsy organisations have resources for this.
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