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People with epilepsy

Thank you for supporting SUDEP Awareness day! We really appreciate your support and all you can do to learn about SUDEP and to help raise awareness wherever you are in the world. Working together to raise local, national and international awareness can help you to better understand and self-manage your own epilepsy.

Below are some ideas of how you can get involved. You may also find extra ideas on your local epilepsy organisation’s website. You can find a list of those supporting the day here.

Top 4 things you can do

  1. Unite with the epilepsy community: Support the online campaign:

    • Share the campaign key messages, infographics & posters. Could you take a picture holding them?
    • Share pictures of how you are or have raised awareness of SUDEP Awareness Day, SUDEP & epilepsy risks.

    Don’t forget to use the campaign hashtags!

  2. Study smart: Read the What is SUDEP? and Downloads pages for information to help with your epilepsy management: understanding your condition is a powerful step to staying safe.

    • Talk to your health professionals about this at your next appointment
    • Do you belong to any epilepsy groups? Why not unite them behind the campaign too?
  1. Speak up for good care; Help to reduce risks and keep people with epilepsy safer.

    • You should have a yearly epilepsy review with your health professional to check for any changes
    • Consider using a seizure diary or monitoring app to help you keep an eye on your epilepsy: even if you are seizure free or your seizures are controlled it can still help!
    • Check out any national epilepsy guidelines for information to help you know the care to expect.

    (Remember: don’t make any changes to do with your epilepsy without speaking to your Doctor first)

  2. Smash the Stigma: Help us smash the stigma around epilepsy - talking openly & honestly about yours, telling those around you how they can:

    • Support you day-to-day
    • Help during a seizure or emergency
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